Teaching for 2009-10

This coming year I will be teaching the following courses:

Fall-Winter: POLS 950, our core Ph.D. course for political theory students

Fall: POLS 451, a seminar on pluralism, toleration and public reason.

Winter: POLS 456, a seminar on libertarianism.
Winter: POLS 354, a lecture course on democratic theory.

POLS 451 will be a revised version of this term’s course. POLS 456 will be a new course on libertarianism, in which I plan to read the classics of libertarian thought: Friedman, Hayek, Nozick, maybe even Ayn Rand. The course will focus on standard, “right-libertarianism,” but it will conclude by addressing recent debates about “left-libertarianism” (Vallentyne, Steiner, Otsuka, Van Parijs). References to the main writings in each category can be found here

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