Draft POLS451 Reading List

This is a tentative list of the required readings for my upcoming seminar on religion and politics, which will focus on the question of the relationship between religious toleration and public reason.

Week 1: Introduction 

Week 2: The Christian Debate

  • Joseph Lecler, Toleration and the Reformation (New York: Association Press, 1960).Volume1, Chapters 1-4 (Old Testament – Medieval).
  • Istvan Bejczy, “Tolerantia: A Medieval Concept,” Journal of the History of Ideas 58, no. 3 (1997): 365-84. 
  • Roland Bainton, “Sebastian Castellio and the Toleration Controversy of the 16th Century,” in Persecution and Liberty; Essays in Honor of George Lincoln Burr (New York: The Century Co, 1931).

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